EasyWaXXX is the next generation of ski and snowboard base treatment. We combine professional winter sports experience with cutting edge nanotechnology to give our customers a massive step-up in:

  • CONFIDENCEEasyWaXXX transforms feel, agility, and flow on the slope: Your equipment feels lighter and more responsive. Unhelpful friction disappears as if by magic. Poor snow conditions no longer spoil your day. Other products do these things, too – but EasyWaXXX performs at another level: Beginner or Pro, you’ll notice the difference immediately.
  • PERFORMANCEBeginners using EasyWaXXX find ski-ing and snowboarding easier – meaning they learn faster, feel more confident, and have more fun. Professionals discover an instant level-up in performance in terms of speed and agility. Rental companies get better performance from standard kit – and better feedback from customers.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITYWe don’t just pay lip-service to environmental responsibility; we are leading the way in providing a solution. Unlike conventional treatments which contain toxic chemicals like fluor which pollute the fragile mountain ecosystem, EasyWaXXX is non-toxic and mountain-friendly.



The technology in EasyWaXXX was developed in the UK by two pioneering ski and snowboard instructors. A Norwegian-American winter sports company specialising in disruptive innovation took over business management in 2019 and created the EasyWaXXX company, keeping the original innovators on board to combine the initial creative ingenuity and vision with solid business performance and data-driven growth strategy.

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“Just one quick spray gives amazingly light, predictable feel and response.
EasyWaXXX makes 500€ skis feel like 1000€ skis. Unbelievably good.”

Richard Bland

“Does exactly what it says: No nonsense, no waiting, noticeable difference. Easy choice.”

Arthur Igloi