EasyWaXXX Spray&Go! (Family Pack – 4pcs)


Enough for 40 times treatment*

The fastest, easiest, smartest Ski & Snowboard treatment on the planet.

  • Instant ‘wow factor’ performance
  • 4 x 20 ml bottle enough for 40 wax treatments of a pair of ski or a snowboard
  • 350 pumps until a bottle is empty
  • 5 x more efficient in terms of volume of wax per ml, when compared to other leading brands.
  •  Biodegradable, mountain friendly
  •  All temperatures
  • Spray bottle dimensions: 10 mm x 58 mm x 85 mm
  • Box dimensions: 14 mm x 59 mm x 87 mm.


Choose the 4pcs bundle to save money for your friends or family!

How to use

Just spray it on the base and go!

It is really this simple!

Enjoy the hassle-free high performance!

Perfect for
both ski and snowboard!

snowboard & ski

Save time and money: No need to take your equipment to ski-shops to have them waxed!
Spray&Go is the instant wax anyone can use, with no tools needed!

Bring all your wax kit in your pocket!

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