EasyWaXXX Racing Endurance Test
Javier Gimenez

South American two-time Biathlon Champion (2018 – 2019)

After 2 weeks of using EasyWaXXX Racing I have to say I’m impressed!

On the first day that I used my treated skis the feeling was pretty much like when the ski is fluoridated for races… or maybe even faster!

After 20 minutes the feeling was the same and an hour after that and the next hour too…!! That’s fantastic and much better than fluor waxes, which lose their high speed property in under 30 minutes and are affected by changing snow conditions. On the first day I used EasyWaXXX Racing for 4 hours and despite the snow conditions changing a lot, the feeling of speed was pretty much the same all day!

So my first day was like “Wow, I like it!”

The second, third and fourth days were almost like the first one, despite big changes in snow conditions (a rainy day, a sunny day and a cold day). On the fourth day I had a national race and I used the skis that I had treated with EasyWaXXX Racing 4 days before… I won with a lot of advantage: My skis just flew over the snow like an airplane for almost 150km!

After this, I had to change my opinion: I don’t like EasyWaXXX Racing, I LOVE IT!

The big difference I feel isn’t at the beginning of a race but almost at halfway – exactly when I really need to be fast and have the competitive advantage. Fluor waxes don’t do this but EasyWaXXX Racing really performs!

javier gimenez
javier gimenez

“Just one quick spray gives amazingly light, predictable feel and response.
EasyWaXXX makes 500€ skis feel like 1000€ skis. Unbelievably good.”

Richard Bland

EasyWaXXX Racing
Olympic Champion Test
Michael Rösch